Wedding Dress and Feng Shui

Did you know that the traditional Chinese bride has always been dressed in red? It is believed that wearing red on your wedding day stimulates joy, love, and strength within an individual and therefore the couple. Red is also strongly associated with the following combinations- prosperity and abundance, fame and reputation, love and relationships. This exciting and vivid color promotes romance, wealth, and happiness. What more reasons does one need to wear an elegant red wedding dress?

And a color so close to red is orange. Orange is associated with purpose and organization and can be used to strengthen concentration and creativity. This positive color offers the ability to portray enthusiasm and ambition as well as encouraging a lifetime of warm communications with her love one, especially when it is her second wedding.

A vibrant yellow is what brides want to wear if they want to brighten and bring lighter energies to their wedding. Strong yellow colors are associated with intuitive insight, joy, creativity, and wisdom. They encourage the ability to be flexible and adaptable. And doesn't the bride (and the rest of the wedding party) need the ability to be flexible and adaptable?

Are you having a winter wedding? Then please wear lighter yellows or ecrus which are the couture color du jour to wear. These colors are associated with the element of earth and promote good health. Pale yellows or ecrus also are unifying colors and encourage the bride and groom to always answer..."I do".

Are you environmentally inclined? Or have a bit of Irish in you? Then a gown of any shade of green will be best. Wearing green on your special day is an auspicious choice for a young bride. Green is considered to be a restful, refreshing color that can produce an atmosphere of balance. It is also believed that green symbolizes optimism as well as an eagerness to expand the couple into a family. One plus one equals two...or do we hear four?

Have you dreamed all your life of a beach/water wedding? Then the color for your gown on this special day ought to be blue. For blue is associated with exploration and adventure. Blues are simply heavenly as they encourage cool heads and calm hearts, which are most important when children are an integral part of the ceremony. Imagine the bride and groom dressed in blues resulting in an air of trust and peace for all to experience. Ugh!

And of course, there is always the western tradition of wearing white. Western belief is that white symbolizes confidence, purity, and poise. Within Feng Shui, it is also associated with the combinations of love and relationships, creativity and children, and helpful people and travel. Since white blends all of the colors, it is a symbol of harmony and purity. Need I say more?

Yet lest not forget, regardless the colors of the all their glory the Bride and Groom will shine their radiance on this day that they become Husband and Wife. So when you hear, 'Here comes the Bride, all dressed in...'Stand, smile, and turn to see the bride all dressed in.

By : Phie

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