Modern Hairstyles Pictures 2009 2010

Modern Hairstyle Trends presents Modern Hairstyles Pictures 2009 2010

The newest alternative modern hairstyles are the most edgy looks ever. The hair length isn't restricted anymore, the modern hairstyles can be styled in long, medium or short hair as well, just as straight, wavy or curly. The colors have a more important role from now on, while the shape is better as more geometric and well defined it is. Here are four of the most trendy modern hairstyles and haircuts of the moment.

Groovy Hairstyles

Groovy hairstyles are one of the most colorful ones. It is full of bright colors, with a retro touch, but a modern style. It is the most popular hairstyle between teenagers, because of the eye popping effects that can be created. The styling possibilities are endless, mixing the chic with the edgy, the retro with the modern. These colorful hairstylesare the simplest way to stand out of the crowd, to be th eye catching face of any party. Hair accessories are also a must have for this style, bright colored if possible worn in the most unusual way.

Futuristic Hairstyles

Futuristic hairstyles have been the main fashion
item of any movie based on the future trends and imagination. This hairstyle became a reality and it's quite accessible, with the extra straight bangs in extreme shapes. This hairstyle is based on geometric haircuts, giving the look of a fairytale princess or a strong warrior of the future universe. The colors can be extreme just as well, starting from the icy white hair and till the fire red one, the main idea would be to have the next generation look, with the most alternative hairstyle possible. They need high maintenance, because of the perfectly styled fantasy world hairstyle.

Glam Rock Hairstyles

The glam rock hairstyles are very similar to the futuristic ones, but they are featuring a more friendly, retro look. The hair colros are strong, bright colored and with high definition to get the eye catching look. The haircuts are asymmetrical, and mostly versatile. The glam rock hairstyles can be shaped and reshaped in different looks, by changing the flat iron to the curly one, or simply combining the two of them. It is a spectacular hairstyle that makes a look that inspires fun and glamor.

Gothic Hairstyles

The gothic hairstyles usually go in darker shades, in a complex haircut that emphasizes the gothic style. The dark color may be combine with colorful hair strands. Long, medium or short, the hairstyles may be shaped in different ways, but the main idea would be to stay on the “darker side” of the hairstyle. Providing a vampire look and an extreme personality change, the gothic hairstyle is very popular between the modern hairstyles because of its edgy cuts. It creates a versatile style in a haircut that always makes a statement.

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