Italian’s Wedding

In Italian wedding tradition, the bride is not supposed to wear gold until her wedding ring is slipped out. That believe will bring bad luck and sickness.

Sunday marriage (exception of the month mentioned above) are believed to be luckiest. In the Veneto region of Italy, the groom walks to the bride’s house and together walks with the bride and the whole wedding party to church. Town residence would watch the group walk by and present the bride with many challenges.

In Northern Italy, the groom brings the bouquet of flower to wedding. The color and style of the bouquet is supposed to be a surprise to the bride, this for signifies a present from the grooms.

The receptionist greets everyone coming to the receptionist with a tray of liquor. Sweet liquors are served to women and strong drinks served to the men before any food. This is to give everyone an opportunity to toast the bride and groom.

All the men at the receptionist kiss the bride for good luck and to make groom jealous. The guest placed envelope containing money to help the expenses of the wedding that was financed by the bride family. Italian wedding always emphasized food. Food is the focal point of the festivities strongly linked with family life.

In ancient Rome, a loaf of wheat bread was broken over the heads of the bride and grooms to ensure a fertile and fulfilling life. Guest would eat the crumbs for good luck


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