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As we all know, paper is made up of wood. Paper is also one of the most used materials on which marriage invitations are printed. Whenever there is a marriage, we print over 100-200 invitation cards. The grander the marriage is, the higher number of invitation cards are made. Often a number of invitation cards go waste because they are not given to anyone. Hence, a lot of paper is wasted is in this process.

People cut down trees to make paper. Hence, in order to print a large number of wedding invitations a lot of trees are cut. When trees are cut, the environment is damaged severely. Hence, we must not cut down trees as it is the best source of oxygen not only for us but also for all living creatures to survive. Regarding usage of the recycled paper, it is a well known fact that it saves 7000 gallons of water and this amount of water is enough to power a home for six months. Hence, we must make use of recycled paper for the purpose of wedding invitations. It is also important to confirm before buying that recycled paper is made up of recycled material. It must be Processed Chorine Free which means that there should be no usage of bleach in the production.

Sweet Wedding Invitation card

Making use of tree-free paper is a good option for making eco-friendly wedding cards. One of the coolest ways is to make use of seeded paper for making wedding invitation cards. One can easily make use of laser or ink jet printer to print on such a paper. Seeded recycled paper used for making wedding invitations can be planted by guests in pots or in the garden; it will eventually turn into attractive flowers. . Seeded paper is carefully made to give out fragrance when attractive wildflowers grow from it. What a wonderful way to impress your guests.


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