Wedding Flower Trends for 2011

Wedding Flower Trends for 2011
From wedding flower sand accents to invitations and the wedding cake, the selected colors will unify many aspects of the wedding day. When choosing a wedding florist, brides should ask about current wedding flower trends in both color and design. Like any aesthetic product, wedding flower trends are constantly evolving. Today, there are dozens of different color schemes and designs that can be fashioned to cater to a bride's distinctive tastes.

Popular Wedding Flower Trends for 2011:

"Going Green" - A natural expression achieved through organic form and color that produces an airy, free-flowing look. Through contrasting and complementary foliages and branching, this wedding flower trends emanates a sense of elegant simplicity.
Mixing unique textures and colors of naturally-occurring flower colors, such as white and light green, creates a soothing, tranquil expression for bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. Many wedding florists are eager to produce centerpieces in a bride's own vintage containers, which allow the bride's personality to permeate this elegant expression and contribute toward the soothingly natural presentation of organic variety.

"Soft Romantic" - Soft and dainty garden flowers, such as pastel roses and peonies, create a dreamlike, fantasy look. Graceful, exquisite petals gently bursting with romantic elegance transform any wedding day into a fairytale. In addition to soft, pastel colors, wedding florists can enhance this beautifully elegant expression with the faint glow of submersible arrangement lighting and LED tea-lights, radiating the entire room with dainty, dreamlike charm.

Wedding Flower Trends for 2011
"Classic Allure" - For centuries, red has illustrated love and passion. Brides can capture this timeless wedding trend with fragrant white and red flowers through traditional or contemporary design. Recent wedding trends include toile patterns to these alluring colors for an ageless, charming appeal. For a more modern reinvention of this look, brides can add black accents for a trendier, sophisticated presentation.

"Playful Passion" - This eccentric and lively wedding flower trend conveys originality and spunk through unique color schemes and design. A playfully bright color scheme, like hot pink, navy blue, and magenta, breaks free from traditional wedding styles for the exuberant bride. This trendy, whimsical expression can also be achieved by choosing a brilliant, vivid color, like yellow, with accenting colors, like silver and black. The mixing of different hues creates a vibrant presentation that will complement any radiant bride on her wedding day. Wedding florists offer different playful and trendy accents for boutonnieres and bouquets alike, like colorful bead sprays and ribbon, to create a matchless and energetic look that musters excitement on the special day.

Ultimately, there are endless possibilities for trendy wedding flowers. A bride's perfect wedding flowers are those that complement her personality and tastes. Wedding consultants can modify color and design schemes and utilize trendy accents to create a one-of-a-kind floral presentation for any bride.  Abigail Sterling

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