Insurance Your Wedding Plan

A typical wedding insurance policy is inexpensive and when you consider the cost of the event you are covering, it is well worth taking it out if only for peace of mind. The cost will vary depending on what you are covering but as an average you can expect to pay around $200 - $600. With that in mind it is well worth taking a policy out especially when you think about the stress and worry a wedding day mishap could cause you both.

You will probably have considered what the weather will be like when you put together your wedding plan. Taking out wedding insurance will help to put your mind at rest on these and other things that could potentially ruin your day. Coverage will vary depending on the policy, but a typical policy will cover the following:

Extreme Weather
Illness or death to the bride or groom
Illness or death to an immediate family member
Unexpected military deployment of the bride or groom
Unknown extra expenses
Wedding gifts - loss or damage
Wedding photos - loss or damage
Wedding attire - loss or damage
Wedding rings - loss or damage
No-show vendor deposits
Cancellation counseling
Alcohol related injuries/accidents
Vendor damage
Injury and accidents
Wedding site property damage

When you start looking for wedding insurance, compare as many policies as possible to find the right one for you. Ask you current insurer (car/house) if they have a suitable policy they could offer you. Make sure the policy will cover you for liability insurance, which will cover you for accidents and damages. Check your current homeowner policy (if you have one) as it may cover you for special events or your insurer may be able to add this onto your home insurance policy.


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