Going Green With Your Wedding

The whole world is going green. Every where you go today, there are environmentally-friendly objects. Green cars to Green lights to Green utensils; almost everyone wants to contribute to the preservation of the earth.

You can have the green concept come to your weddings too. Not only will your guests appreciate your concern for the environment, but it will also be a unique theme you can apply. For long, we have had summer, winter, fall and other traditional themes but a green wedding especially one that makes use of eco friendly equipment, tools, and objects will cast some uniqueness for your wedding and thus help make it special. After all, the best wedding is one that is special. You will also note that a green wedding saves you money. Many eco friendly things are very cheap and yet unique.

You may have to bear in mind that an eco friendly wedding can have the same elegance and glamor as its conventional counterpart. For example, a live plant from the florist will have the same d├ęcor effect as the artificial plant.

There are several approaches to a green wedding but we shall begin with the simplest - buying eco friendly items.

The essence of the green wedding is to use objects that are recyclable. So in your shopping, you will buy things that are degradable- that is, do not become waste after they are discarded.

You can have your seating for the wedding made from natural materials such as cane, bamboo or wood. If it is a formal wedding, you can create a rustic look with a teak, oak or mahogany furniture.

For a green wedding, live plants are the only option for your flowers. You can pick flowers that are in bloom during the season. If you are decorating a church hall, tall plants with leafy petals will make the best impression. You can use short and thin stalk types for your centerpieces.

Green weddings add extra glamour and uniqueness to wedding. It demonstrates the couple's commitment to saving the earth and gives the guests a relief from traditional weddings that they have been so much used to.

By : Phie


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