The Purple Wedding

Deciding on a purple wedding is a royal and romantic choice. Purple used to be a privilege that only kings and queens can afford. This is because it took some costly dyes to put together the perfect shade of purple. Fortunately, these days purple come in different interesting shades and hues in dainty things that make for that luxurious purple wedding. Moreover, purple is also associated with spirituality, dignity, value, and delicateness.

The lighter hues of purple such as lavender and lilac are perfect themes for spring and summer weddings while deep purples and eggplant go well during fall and winter seasons. Now that the right choice for a purple wedding has been confirmed, it is time to get into the creative ideas for a purple wedding.

1. If you are planning to hold the wedding in a grand ballroom, then using royal purple as an overall effect will match the low and serene lights. In the outdoors, using the natural sundown lights can make a royal purple garden wedding extra ordinarily enchanting.

2. Dash with a little bit of lavender and lilac on the dresses. Softer hues for the gowns give it a dramatic effect. Bridesmaids' gowns that come close to pink give a feeling of femininity and lightheartedness. Adding up some accents with fresh green colors is a fashionable fit.

3. Be bold on the sashes and runners. Ultra purple to outline the long tables will look dashing and enticing for the guests. Match this with big dark purple ribbons at the back of chairs. Put in some diamond-white, charcoal gray or lustrous platinum trimmings for that crisp and sophisticated look.

4. Set up an elegantly purple and silver table setting. Use a gentle and fresh purple palette on the tablecloth. Set up a shiny and new silver flatware, fine china, and immaculate white table napkins. At the center, place bright purple orchids in a bunch of glossy colored rocks.

5. Mix up with dark and light shades on the flowers. Iris is an attractive flower for a deep purple bouquet and is not that expensive. The osteospermum flower from the daisy family has whites with purple cores or in purple but with white centers. Little white baskets full of purple flowers are also nice to be hung with the lights and foliage.

6. Seriously consider purple silk flowers and silk ivy. Silk flowers look authentic but are safe against wilting, heat, or wind. Thus, they can be placed way ahead of time. Purple silk rose petals can be sprinkled in areas like the buffet, swimming pool, church aisles or guest book tables.

7. Give away precious favors in delicately light purple sheer organza bags. Jelly beans, square French soaps, seashells or starfish candles, Jordan almonds, champagne bubbles candy and other nice little favors can be placed in this sheer lavender or lilac organza bags. Seal it with a silver satin drawstring and it will give that magical feeling to the guests by the end of your people wedding.

There is nothing that can be as beautiful and sophisticated as a purple wedding, especially when you incorporate those bright and creative ideas into them.

By : Phie


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