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There's three main factors involved in losing weight: diet & exercise
. In order to lose three pound, you must generate a 3500 calorie deficit (3500 calories = 1 pound). This means that over the coursework of three week, cutting 200-500 calories from your daily diet will lead to losing three pound per week.

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Is your wedding coming up, but your dress is not fitting comfortably & you need to shed a few pounds? It is possible to safely lose weight before a wedding & still manage to have energy to focus on other wedding preparations. The key is to be prioritize your weight loss exercise & diet regimen so that it doesn't fall by the wayside.

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Contrary to what most diet designs would have you believe, losing weight doesn't must be all about carrot sticks & yogurt & working out three hours a day. You can actually lose weight while still eating the foods you enjoy; the trick is to know how much you regularly eat, how plenty of pounds you need to lose, & setting realistic goals for yourself based on those number. For example, if you need to consume 1500 calories every day to maintain your current weight, cutting down to 1300 calories per day (by eliminating three dessert, snack, alcoholic beverage, or sugary soft drink), you can easily generate a deficit that will let you lose three pound per week.

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Exercise comes in to play in this equation, . By adding on a workout of 30 minutes that lets you burn about 200 calories, you'll generate a deficit of 400 calories total, which can easily result in 1 pound (or more) of fat loss per week. In lieu of focusing much on numbers, try in lieu to find a healthy balance of eating moderately & trying to get 20-30 minutes of physical activity every day. Thinking much in terms of calorie counting or how plenty of calories you are burning on the treadmill can set you up for failure, as you'll feel like you are failing if you don't meet those goals. Try in lieu to get up to a brisk walk or run for about 5-10 minutes, then alternate by going a small slower on the treadmill (or walking machine, rowing machine, or whatever other piece of exercise equipment you are using). Interval training is excellent for fat burning, as it forces your body to use energy that is already stored (like fat).

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