Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

Most brides spend hundred and even thousands of pounds on their wedding dresses. Dresses are not cheap and are probably the most expensive piece of clothing you will buy during your lifetime.

During the actual wedding, in having a great time and enjoying yourself, your dress will get some dirt on it no matter how careful you are trying to be. Panic not as you can always clean your dress. You can always try and clean the dress yourself but this is not recommended! There are professional dry cleaners who specialise in cleaning wedding dresses.

Wedding dresses are usually substantial garments and therefore cleaning them is a a task in itself. Not only that, the value of wedding dresses means that the dry cleaners do need to cover themselves with insurance in case anything goes wrong. Due to these factors, having your dress dry cleaned is an expensive business. It can cost a couple of hundred pounds and in some cases can cost a percentage of the cost of your dress. I have come across people who were charged 10% of the cost of the dress! A large proportion of this goes towards the insurance.

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