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Big, Dramatic Eyes For Prom, Pageant Or Wedding

You can learn where and how to apply eye shadows like the professionals if you practice and use a few of the basic principles outlined below:

* The amount of pigment an eye shadow contains plays an important role. The more pigment within an eye shadow, the more color depth you will see when you apply it. High pigment eye shadows allow much flexibility, since you can use the very same colors for either natural or dramatic eyes simply by adjusting the amount of color you apply.
* The texture of an eye shadow is also significant to consider - is it a shimmer, frost, sheer, or matte?
* Another important aspect is color placement: lighter colors make an area appear fuller, and dark colors make an area recede and add defininition.
* To use bright eye shadow colors, blend with darker tones to mute the brightness, creating a bit of colorful accent.
* Shimmer and frost shadows look prettiest when used on the top center of the eyelid and directly underneath the eyebrow as a highlighter.

As an example: if you want to do a definining 'contour' of your eye:
1. you will need a dark eyeliner at the base of your lashes
2. followed by a light tone applied all over the lid up to the eyebrow
3. then add a darker color in the outer corner of the lid and into the crease.

For fun, you can add bit of accent to your eyes:
1. by placing either a bit of frosty, shimmery eye shadow or loose eye shadow dust on the middle of your eyelid or
2. by blending a small amount of a bright color into the darker tones you've already applied.

Apply your mascara next (and don't forget to curl your eyelashes to open up your eyes).

And for all-out dazzle, don't forget a sexy pair of false Eyelashes or even Eyelashes embedded with Crystals to finish your look!

You can find fully-applied eye shadow illustrations on the website under the "Dress Color Packages" link.

On the "Dress Color Packages" page, just click on the shade that most closely matches your dress color and you will be shown full face illustrations demonstrating the exact shading and the colors used to achieve either Natural or Dramatic looks - this will be helpful for you to see how, where and which colors are blended on the eyes.

For further help with step-by-step application instructions for each of the eye shadow products within the Dress Color Packages, just become a QDazzle(TM) Member (it's free) and you will gain access to Advanced Makeup Tips & Techniques. All eye colors can be purchased separately, or as part of the Dress Color Package to coordinate your lips and cheeks as well!

Using the drawings as a resource, along with our QDazzle(TM) products, you can create your 'professionally-done' makeup look for your Pageant or Prom 2009!

By :Jennifer Kalman

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