Top 7 Tips About Prom

Top Seven Do's and Don'ts for Prom

1. Do set a budget for prom and stick to it. Between the clothes, limo and all the extras that go along with prom, you can easily spend a small fortune. Make plans ahead of time. Get friends to go in on costs.

2. Do use a prom check list to make sure you are prepared. Being organized and prepared will reduce stress and worry.

3. Do brainstorm with your friends to get ideas for things to do before and after prom. Another good way is to research the internet for prom ideas and fun things to do.

4. Do talk to your parents before hand to make sure there are no surprises for either of you on prom night
. Let your parents know what your plans are and set check in times so they know you are alright.

5. Do make sure you have plenty of rest the night before prom. You will use a lot of energy getting ready and you want to make sure you are not so tired that you can’t enjoy it. If possible, try to sneak in a nap during the day of prom.

6. Don’t go to prom with someone you don’t like. Choose your date wisely so you feel comfortable and will have a good time. Not having the right date is the top reason for not having a good time at prom.

7. Don’t do anything you will regret later. Don’t use prom night as a reason to do something you know is wrong. Drinking and sex is not something that will make prom night more fun. Keep it safe so your night to remember does not become a night that you want to forget

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