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A wedding gown holds beautiful memories in all its folds. For most brides, it is a thing to be preserved and possibly even shown to their own children when they grow up, recounting all those beautiful moments which it witnessed on that special day.A wedding dress, preserved in good condition, can be passed on to the coming generations as a family heirloom. This is why you must know how to take care for your beautiful wedding dress - both before and after the wedding.

1. Buy a clean, undersized, unbleached and non-dyed cotton sheet. This type of cotton sheet is easily available in the market. However, while buying make sure the cotton sheet has very little synthetic fiber.

2. Before using it, wash the cotton sheet in hot water so that any extra dirt gets vanished. don't use detergent.

3. After the wedding ceremony is over, the gown should be wrapped in this cotton sheet. Avoid using a plastic gown to store your wedding dress as plastic can cause rapid oxidation of the fabric which might lead to accumulation of acid residues on your dress causing serious damage to it.

4. Store the gown in a flat position and it must be protected from direct sunlight and damp areas.
5. Within two weeks of the wedding, the wedding gown needs to be dry cleaned.

6. Select a dry cleaner that specializes in preservations of wedding gowns.


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