How to Find Wholesale Wedding Favors


Wedding favors are a wonderful addition to your wedding, but they can be very expensive, particularly if you have to buy for a lot of guests.

Even if you have a budget of $3 per person and 150 guests, that still adds up to an eye watering $450 on favors alone. Little wonder many brides end up giving out small boxes of chocolate or candies. When added into the rest of the cost of the wedding you could find yourself starting married life with a serious amount of debt.

The trick to buying wedding favors for a large number of guests is to look for bulk buy offers or wholesalers. However, before you rush out to the nearest wholesale warehouse, there are a few things you need to be aware of first.

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Many wholesalers will sell smaller items, such as those common for wedding favors, in much larger quantities than you are likely to need. For instance, those sets of scented votive candles you liked are only available in quantities of 500 or 100 from the wholesalers – way more than you need. You could argue that when priced singularly they are still much cheaper than the mainstream retailers and you will use the extra ones yourself at home; but you will probably find that the outlay and hassle outstrips the benefit.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot buy wholesale, you just need to do more research and be more creative.

Try clubbing together with other brides for your wedding favors. Visit some online forums and see if anyone is interested in joining you to buy wedding favors wholesale. This way you get the favors you want and in the quantities you need.

Be wary of websites that offer bulk purchases in quantities of a dozen or two dozen. The discount may not actually be all that you perceive and the prices maybe actually be inflated compared to the wholesale price.

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If you fancy doing your own DIY wedding favors then you could probably get good deals on the wholesale market by buying the various components and putting them together yourself. Examples of DIY favors include bags or boxes of confectionary such as chocolates or candy; sets of scented candles in pretty organza bags or sachets of flower seeds. This is a great way of making fabulous favors at wholesale prices.

Another option, although not strictly a wholesale one, is to hit the shops when the sales are on or after a major holiday, such as Christmas or valentines. The shops will have reduced all left over stock after these events so you can snap them up for massive discounts on the original price.

So it is worth considering buying wholesale if you can be creative and are prepared to shop around for the best deals and prices.

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