Decorating Your Wedding Favors

Wedding Decor

With everything involved in wedding planning, it is easier to overlook the smaller details, such as the way you package your wedding favors and how you decorate said packaging rather than something as important as your wedding bouquets. You may not consider it important to add such tiny details to your favor boxes or bags, but it can make a big difference to the whole look of your wedding and the impression your favors leave on your wedding guests.

Just as you do when selecting your wedding favors, you will need to ensure that the packaging and added decorations match your wedding theme or style and match your wedding colors. This shouldn’t be difficult. There is a wealth of embellishments available from craft stores ranging from paper roses to glittered stickers, all you need are a little bit of creativity and some imagination!

Wedding Decor

The most common decorations for favors are thank you tags. You can easily purchase readymade tags in plain colors and finishes so you can add your own embellishment and message. Simply punch a hole in the corner and tie to your wedding favors with ribbon. Voila!

Other ideas include tying to plastic rings to ribbon with a bow and gluing it to the top of your favor boxes or adding in little paper rosebuds in much the same way.

If you are having a monogram running through your wedding theme, then why not get some stickers or labels made up featuring your monogram and sticking them to your favors. This is a great way to tie your favors in with your wedding theme and stickers are inexpensive and easy to apply. As an alternative double your favors up as place cards and print off stickers at home with your guests names on. Again apply them to your favors and place them at the correct settings on your tables.

Wedding Decor

Of course some wedding favors need no added decoration and really show case themselves. In this case use clear plastic boxes or bags to show off your favors. If using bags, for instance for cookies, tie the tops with ribbon bows or curling ribbon and don’t forget to attach your thank you tags!

Traditional tulle nets have perhaps fallen out of favor (excuse the pun!) in recent times, but these adorable nets look fabulous when made up correctly. Tulle nets are not easy to tie together in a way which looks professional and stylish. In fact at some weddings I have been to where they have made these up themselves, the end result looked a little pathetic to say the least! The idea is to use two or may be three nets in your wedding colors and put your favors in the center; usually almonds or small chocolates, you then gather up the sides and tie round with ribbon. Once secured, you can then pull out the tulle at the top to create a pretty ruffle effect. The trick really is not to over fill them and to make sure you have big nets in the first place.

I have seen some stunning tulle net favors which feature an added embellishment sitting in the top. If you can find someone to make these for you who knows what they are doing it is well worth the extra cost otherwise look out for a handy gadget will help you create perfect nets every time.

Wedding Decor

If you want to keep it simple then ribbons are a great way of adding a little extra touch without going overboard. Look out for personalized ribbons which you can have printed with your names and wedding date. It is a great keepsake in addition to your favors. Experiment with bows or simply just knotting a length of ribbon and leaving the tails free. This looks particularly effective with two colors.

Another great way to decorate your favors is with silver colored pewter charms. These are relatively inexpensive to buy and look lovely tied to your favors with ribbon. Look out for hearts or message charms that say ‘handmade with love’ or ‘especially for you’. You can also purchase little metal tags with your monogram on and wedding date. If you are the creative type you can make your own with some aluminum, which you can purchase in sheet formats from craft stores. You will need a pair tin snips and an embossing tool to press in your text onto the metal.

Whatever your choice of wedding favors, don’t overlook the importance of the presentation, packaging and additional decorations. Above all make sure you include some kind of thank you tag, after all your wedding favors are a token of thanks to your guests for joining you and they will appreciate the thought and effort you have put into them.

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