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As the modern woman plans to make her wedding day special, much is put into the whole day’s plan. Common with the best laid wedding programs; wedding favors will never miss in the close of the wedding day. Favors are usually souvenirs that are issued to friends from the newlyweds so as to remind them of your special day. These come in various forms and vary depending on the couple’s relationship with the specific friends.

Your friends mean a lot to you and you want them to get a favor they will love you to bits for. Here are a few suggestions that will go a long way in having your friends talking and reminiscing about your wedding for days to come.

Wedding gown candle
The best gift that when lit can help illuminate the reception and make a perfect favor and any guest will want to take these cute gifts home with them.

Mini lanterns
The light from these tiny, pretty-looking candle-boxes have a way of creating an aura of love and affection to any venue and would make a beautiful addition to any favor package.

Salt and pepper shakers
Now that’s one charming bequest that when taken home as a favor would make all your curious friends, relatives and visitors to muse over making you gloat with joy.

Guest photo albums
If you could manage to have these with the wedding photos already inside, make for a light, eye-catching present that many will want a piece of.

Wedding Party

Plantable wildflower favors
These beautiful live green flowers will only have their full effect as a great favor to the plant loving friend of yours who may not have this type of flower, and even if they do, its ability to grow, spread and look great will have your friend loving you for it all their lives.

Personalized Measuring Spoons
Another favor that can be used at the reception and when a thank you note is thrown into the package, make for a superb favor. They mostly come in sets of four or six, could be heart-shaped with tags with love messages.

Glass Gel Candles
If you are having your wedding in autumn, this is the best fall takeaway favor yet. When lighted at your wedding, they make a wonderful fall light, with the scent that reflects the season and creates an aura and aroma for love and all things lovely.

Wedding Party

Glass Coasters
These beautiful glass pieces can be combined with a wedding themed color ribbon and pieces of the wedding photos of the newly-weds creating a brilliant memento. Calligraphy writings can be used to add a thank you note at the back.

Gift Mint Tins
The most frequent favors in weddings today, the tins can be later reused to hold extra candy and sweet things later on and can be personalized to give the right message or content that will remind your friends of your big day every time they reach into the tins.

Coffee and tea bags
Another great choice that can be personalized to have the names of the couple on it, will have anyone including the reception attendants wowed. This is a perfect memento for a perfect wedding reception.

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