Do It Yourself (DIY) Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favors

Are DIY Wedding Favors Worth the Effort?

If you are the creative type then you are probably already mulling over the idea of making your own cheap wedding favors. But is making your own really worth all the time & effort?

When you begin thinking about what you could make & the time it will take to make them, wouldn’t you be better off just buying them ready made? Making your own can be a good option if your budget won’t stretch to readymade versions & you know you are capable of making perfectly good versions yourself. However there are other considerations.

For instance, if you wanted to make your own cookie wedding favors, with packaging, fully iced & you have over 200 guests. You will need to consider
a) how long will it take you to bake that amount of cookies. Remember you will need to bake around 10% more than the number of guests to allow for any mistakes during icing or breakages;
b) how long you can store them for before they go off;
c) where can you store them & how many airtight containers will you need;
d) how long will it take you to package them all up, tie up the little bags & add your thank you tags.

Whilst that example was for cookie wedding favors, it is applicable to many other types of favor as well. So when you consider how long it could take you to get them finished is it worth all the effort?

Surprisingly, the answer is YES. Making your own can be fun & can offer you a distraction from other more mundane aspects of your wedding planning. Alongside this giving your guests something you have lovingly handcrafted makes them even more special & your guests will appreciate all the effort you have gone too.

If you still need some convincing, here are some of the benefits of DIY wedding favors:

DIY Wedding Favors

Benefits of DIY wedding favors:

Making your own no matter how elaborate or simple can be a great excuse to get the girls around to help you out. Holding a wedding favor party can be a great chance for you to relax, have a few drinks & a gossip. It has the added benefit of getting all your favors made, packaged & ready in double quick time. So think about holding a get together one evening or even during lunchtime.

If you need to get your mother & mother-in-law involved in some aspect of the wedding then making the wedding favors could be an ideal solution. It is also a sneaky way to get them out of the way & leave you to get on with other things! In my experience they will be only too pleased to help & positively thrilled that you have asked!

Making your own is a good way to stay in budget. Because you are in charge of the design & the raw ingredients you can easily adapt the design to stay within your favor budget.

Weddings are all about personal touches & being a reflection of your style & tastes, so making your own wedding favors is a perfect way to get this across. It is often the little things that mean the most & your guests will no doubt be overwhelmed at the trouble you have gone to on their behalf.

DIY Wedding Favors

DIY wedding favors are ideal for personalizing as you will determine the design, you can easily pick the style, shape & placement of your personalization. You can also personalize each favor to each guest, although I wouldn’t recommend it for a large wedding as it could take you years to complete them all! As a suggestion you could give each guest candies that are suited to their age group, for instance luxury liquor truffles to the adults, jelly beans for the children & others which may need to conform to certain dietary requirements. You could even provide low calories confectionary for the dieters amongst your guests!

So, really the choice is yours. DIY wedding favors, whilst time consuming, are well worth the effort & think of the satisfaction you will get when your guests open them on your wedding day!

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