Wedding Table Decor Ideas

- Candles. Buy a bunch of simple candles in bulk and then place them on all the tables at the wedding reception. Scented candles are great, but they aren't 100% necessary.
- Floating Candles. It might be a tad more expensive than just plain colored candles, but the amazing factor more than makes up for that. The candles will be floating on water, which will be contained in simple, yet elegantly designed bowls.
- Table Cloths. Cheap wedding table decor doesn't get easier than this. Rather than plain white table cloths, use colored table cloths to match the theme of the wedding.
- Napkins. Instead of ordinary white napkins, take the same approach as the table cloths and use colored ones. A great wedding decoration idea would be to use opposite colors and alternate with each table; I.E the first one has a black table cloth with pink napkins, while the second has a pink table cloth with black napkins
- Picture & Candle Centerpiece. Get a hold of 3 pictures (will need many duplicates) of the bride & groom (use inexpensive frames) and put them in a triangle formation, facing outward, at the center of each table. Within the center of the picture triangle will be the theme colored candle. This is a very cheap, yet tasteful solution for table centerpieces.

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