Wedding Party Decorations to Lighten the Mood

1. Good Lighting. Poor lighting can really put a damper on the evening. If the lights are too bright, every possible flaw and short coming of the place will be outlined clearly. People won't be able to see the beautiful decorations nor get a good sense of the "atmosphere" of the room if the lights are too dim.
2. Ribbons. Themes colored ribbons are simple, cheap, and they can be used with pretty much anything. Tie them to tables, lighting fixtures, candles, vases, door knobs, chairs, and even to the wrists of your guests.
3. Balloons. This is one of those wedding party decorations guaranteed to lighten the mood and create that "festive" feeling. Place balloons, colored to match your wedding -- in bunch all around the party hall.
4. Photographs. Gather "fun" photos of you and your husband (or wife) and decorate the wedding hall with them. These pictures will show your guests how much fun the two of you have had, not to mention why you're such a great match.

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