Ideas to Make Wedding Reception Decor Planning A Breeze

1. Outdoor weddings. It's much better to keep the decor up to the minimum since nature is already a decor itself if you are having an outdoor wedding. An open air reception already gives a good backdrop and necessary ambiance. Supplement the nature with light complementing colors as a backdrop just to have a focal point. If it is a wedding reception by the beach or lake, use light, free flowing material for the table clothes, napkins, or any drapes. White and ivory provide a good contrast. You can put up pillars to hold up a tent, and decorate it with leaves and sheer cloth for a grand walkway, depending on your location.
Clear candle holders are a great way to add some lighting and romance when night falls, otherwise take advantage of the natural light that outdoor receptions provide. Use soft and pale colors for the candles, like white, blush pink, or pale yellow.
Flowers are a must in a garden wedding. Flowers, in various kinds and textures, add color and life to a wedding. You can use white and ivory flowers such as lilies and roses if you want to tone down the mood. Variety of colorful flowers can be used for more casual receptions. Great color combinations for flowers to consider, depending on your theme, are yellow and pink, green and white, purple and white, red and white, deep purple and lavender, and blush pink with yellow.
Torches are a great idea for garden and beach weddings for lighting. Placing them around the perimeter of the reception will be the most ideal way to use them. Hanging lights are also great for lighting up a tent, you can choose from a variety of designs to suit your style.
2. Indoor weddings. You can amplify the style, color, glamour and drama in your reception for indoor weddings. You can get one or more disco balls to hang from the ceiling to add a more celebratory vibe if you are going to hire a disc jockey, depending on the type of music you will be playing.
Spreading delicate rose petals on tables are a lovely touch, and the centerpieces can vary from elaborate to simple. Some ideas for simple centerpieces would be a simple glass vase with just one or two flowers in it, the delicate beauty of white flower buds are great too.
For daytime indoor weddings, liven up your table with wildflowers, daisies, roses or carnations as a centerpiece. You can take advantage by adding color through the centerpiece if your wedding theme is very simple.
Lace or ribbons can also be added as accent to indoor wedding decor. Use a sheer lace as tablecloth, or around candles, torches, or other forms of lighting you might use. You can use two ribbons of contrasting colors to add drama and elegance. Some combinations are: black and white, black and gold, deep purple and magenta, deep red and rust, white and silver, gold and purple. You can also use ribbons to tie flowers on the back of chairs.

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