Enhance Your Wedding Decor

It is important to pay special attention to detail when you plan your wedding decors. Wedding decors can make or break the overall appeal of your wedding. It should be a reflection of who you and your husband are. The colors of your decor should complement each other, just as it should with your backdrop.
There are certain aspects of the wedding that decors can help enhance:
1. Flowers. All white flower arrangements can give an elegant mood. There are several textures, arrangements, and shades of white that you can choose from.Mixing white with light shades of green or blue also add a refreshing touch.
A lot of rich colors would also be a nice treat for the eyes. You can pair similar colors but make sure that the shades are contrasting, such as light pink to fuchsia, lavender and deep purple, sky blue and royal blue.
2. Table Centerpieces. Centerpieces can make your reception seem grander with large, elaborate designs or tone it down. Simple centerpiece ideas can include a single glass vase with one or more flowers, several but small candles, an elaborate candle holder with a few flowers, and little glass sculptures.
More elaborate centerpieces can be large bouquets or vases of flowers, sophisticated glass candle holders, or even edible centerpieces. Edible centerpieces can range from bowls of fruit, chocolate, candies, and even fondue.
3. Tableware. Table decoration, aside from the centerpiece, is a crucial part of decorating because that is where the guests will be spending most of their time during the reception. Table cloths should be simple and clean; an intricate lace pattern over a sheer white cloth can add some intimacy.
You can do away with plain and simple fabrics as table covers if table settings are already quite elaborate. On the other hand if your glassware, crystal, and china are very simple and plain. You can use a more dramatic or colorful cover, or add a nice background with prints.
4. Ribbons. Ribbons can add understated detail and color wherever you decide to put them. You can put lace or silk ribbons to hold the bouquets together, ribbons in solid colors to tie flowers to the chair, around the centerpiece or around candles.
5. Candles. If you are having an outdoor nighttime wedding, candles can surely add a touch of romance. You can pick various designs and sizes of candles, depending on where you place them. Some ideas can be on the table, by the buffet table if you have one, or in the desert table.

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