A Menu Card Gives Guests Idea

A menu card should give guests an idea of what to expect as the meal proceeds. It also helps to let the guests know how many courses to expect (as in, a five course dinner - better not fill up on the early courses, or you won't have room left for cake!). Keep the language fairly simple; if your entire menu is in French, it might look pretty, but it won't do your guests much good if they cannot read it.
The design of your menu cards should complement the rest of your wedding. Your menu cards should also be incredibly glamorous if you are having a very fancy evening wedding with the bride in a cathedral length veil and dazzling crystal bridal jewelry. A very stylish look would be to have crystal embellished menu card stands to echo the elegance of the bridal gown and jewelry.
A beautiful picture frame can be chosen that fits in with the rest of the wedding design, anything from classic silver to be achy rattan would be great. The frame can then double as the wedding favors. A really fun idea would be to have a photographer on hand who can take and print photos that the guests can put into the frames as a memento from your wedding.
A heavy ivory card stock with a gold border would be ideal for a formal wedding when engraved in black ink. For a spring afternoon wedding, choose a more lighthearted stationary in a pastel color with an organza bow on the top. If your wedding will take place by the ocean, anchor each menu card with a seashell. There are infinite variations to fit with any wedding theme.
Flowers are a beautiful part of any wedding, and they can also be used with your menu cards. Rather than setting the napkins to the left of the plates, they can be placed directly onto the plates with a fold in the bottom third. The menu card gets slipped into the fold, and a single flower is set on top of the card to make it even lovelier. This is a simple idea that always looks wonderful.

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