Solution for boyfriends with short stature

Solution for boyfriends with short stature

The day of your wedding, that long-awaited day for both you and your boyfriend. Everything is ready, the flowers, the dress, the banquet, the guest list, etc. There is an issue that you're turning and you can not find solution: your boyfriend is shorter than you. On more than one occasion, your friends have done jokes about the matter and do not want your special day your boyfriend is the actor and talk of all conversations. Relax, you're not alone in the world that has a boyfriend of one shorter than yours. We have the solution for the wedding day the groom can watch the ceremony from the same level as the bride.

These increases, a type of footwear that contains an internal wedge of about 3 cm in height, light and anatomy. The combination of higher heeled shoe and allow the individual to increase about 7 cm in height. Originally the hikes were used to correct leg length discrepancy and orthopedic problems.

The advantage of using increases in footwear is not only the increase in height also reduces foot fatigue, eliminates the weight of the base of the spine and relieve some neck pain.

There are several companies like Bertulli manufacturer specialized in shoes that increase height between 7 and 10 cm in men. They also offer the service of shoes as people and dysmetria.

There are also some tricks to help dress estilzar figure:

A terrific personality, a beautiful smile and a keen sense of humor are almost always the pillars of the appeal as regards the male gender. However, along with other aesthetic concerns such as hair loss or the emerging 'belly' which usually makes an appearance once overcome the barrier of 30, there are small details of our appearance that our eyes perceive as faults, that diminish our confidence when you know how to dress, to enhance our strengths and give others our best image.

Betting on the total look

The mode of dress all items of a single color is not something unique to the gateway: the total look, also favors boys less high, creating an optical effect which lengthens the figure. By not highlight any part of the figure, is presented as a whole instead of 'a sum of parts'. To multiply the effect, bet on the dark tones like black, navy or gray. The trick: bring matching shoes, too, within the same range of color, and prevents the contrasts. Your legs look longer.

Forget the lines ...

... Unless you are vertical. Or what is the same: say yes to look diplomatic, not the sailor. The vertical line styling and longer, especially in the top of the trunk. Jackets, shirts, shirts, coats ... anything goes. Yes, of having to choose best-fit slim size: oversize garments 'squat'. The short-throw pants also help lengthen the leg ... No baggy jeans!


Amazingly, something as insignificant as the buttons can help add inches to our figure: a shirt well as carved and cut, split in two by an illustrious line of buttons, creating a vertical line that extends optical trunk lines and with the rest of 'tricks' visual.

The hairstyle is important

It works for them and for them is not so much the amount of hair, like the shape of the cut or the way it combs. A slightly shorter hair on the sides that the offset against the figure and make you look taller.

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