Invited to the pregnant wedding

Invited to the pregnant wedding

To attend a beautiful wedding and shining: stem moms a special light that for years, maternity fashion firms have endeavored to hide under layers and layers of fabric. XL, shapeless garments were the highest, especially in the final stretch of pregnancy, desesperición of 'addicted' to fashion, they had to give curves to look for comfort

Long, short, bias binding, or empire cut sweetheart neckline, Heidi Klum, and her fashion line Lavish simple, give us the key to look perfect, whatever the month of pregnancy where you are: in fact, Classic black, as an oversize little black dress or is perfect, especially if you have several weddings to turn to but do not want to invest large amounts of time (and money) devising a thousand and one different styles. Simply combine it with shoes and a handbag in bright colors to give the perfect chic: remember, less is always more ...


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