Hairstyles for Brides: Use jewelry and braids

Hairstyles for Brides: Use jewelry and braids

A few seasons, designers bridal Madrid, New York or Barcelona surprised plaguing their runway looks with rich jewels: tiaras, tiaras and brooches crowned the brides as if they were real princesses. An old family piece, like a bracelet or a bracelet, then became a vintage treasure, with a few arrangements, led to a hair-jewel of luxury.

However, and perhaps to counter the effects of economic crisis, this season is another matter. With brides struggling against all odds with budget cuts and measures 'anti-crisis', ingenuity and simplicity become the greatest allies, either on their way to the altar ... or marching through the pages of a bridal catalog.

The key in both cases: looks simple and affordable, without investing a penny more, any woman become the perfect girlfriend.

As a crown on his forehead, cascading from the back, tall or double braid has thus become the perfect substitute for the look-jewel: without even disappear altogether, the jewels are still present in the form of small wall and diadems, with funding based on Swarovski crystals instead of diamonds. Although in most cases, the braid is undoubtedly the queen and mistress of the runway ahead of 2011 ...

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