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Elaine Daly

Like Rachel Tan, Miss Malaysia/ Universe 2003 Elaine Daly, 29, is a law student. Few know this because she is better known as a model, actress, TV presenter and emcee.

Daly, who is Eurasian Chinese, featured in local movie Red Kebaya which played in November last year. She also had a part in the The Odd Couple, a play. She is currently doing her chambering and is expected to become a full-fledged advocate and solicitor, by April.

“I graduated from London University five years ago and did the Bar at Universiti Malaya. I will not be practicing law as yet because I want to continue my involvement in the entertainment industry. Law can wait till I have had my fill!” she grins.

“Graduating in law was a personal challenge. I wanted to qualify as a lawyer and to be called to the Bar will be a dream that will soon come true.”

As for Chinese New Year, Daly will do what she has done without fail for the past 29 years: return to her hometown, Malacca.

“I have been doing the same old thing year in, year out, for as long as I can remember, and I never tire of it! My grandparents are still there so we will be back for reunion dinner on the 29th night. I will wear nice clothes and gorge on good food. I usually spend four days in Malacca before returning to KL.

“In KL, I’ll go visiting to collect as many angpow as I can while I still qualify!”

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