2007 Bridal fashion trends


Fleece jackets and yoga pants might be the style of choice for the average Vancouver woman, but when it comes to their wedding, brides are draping themselves in silk.

“In our market, (brides) are quite classic and sophisticated. Not the kind who want over-the-top princess gowns,” said Monti Samuel, bridal manager of Blush Bridal and Special Occasions in West Vancouver.

Vancouver brides, she says, aren’t interested in a lot of beading or tulle.

“They want to be fashion-forward, have slimmer silhouettes and luxury fabrics – lots of silk.”

“There’s been a trend away from pure white,” said Samuel. “A lot of people are going for ivories, and there’s a move into the champagne colour. A lot of brides are accessorizing with sashes with colour to match with bridesmaids’ dresses or with their flowers.”

But, she said, “no crazy colours.”

As for bridesmaids dresses, brown is the colour of choice, and pink bouquets seem to be must-haves for many women this season.

“Gloves are not a big thing,” said Samuel. “(Vancouver brides) are very understated brides. We have lots of outdoor weddings.”

As for jewelry, she said it’s always pretty minimal - Swarovski crystals, diamonds and pearls. “And these days people are liking pearls with some crystals or diamonds to mix it up, and some colour in them.”

She added that chandelier earrings seem to be the new rage.

And while the “ever classic veil” is still as popular as ever, with about 90 per cent of brides wearing one, she said many women are wearing hair pieces that are woven into the hair as an alternative to the tiara which, she said, is a fad that has for the most part died.

source: http://www.northshoreoutlook.com

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