Traditional Wedding Dresses

As with all types of clothing, wedding dress in style and fashion through the ages has changed. In the Middle Ages, when the marriage is a matter of politics, and especially women were dressed in ways that best reflect their families. The higher the social status of the bride, the richest colors and the most expensive fabrics. Fur, velvet and silk were often integrated into the design. The styles and colors of rich women were the brides of the lower social position as well as they were copied.
Although centuries could go and styles come and continue to women with the most fashionable clothing apparel made with the richest materials boldest and now the money. Another factor indicative of wealth and social status of the bride, the amount of material used. Those who could not afford something new wore their best dress to church on their wedding day. 

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In the fashion of the 1920s wanted to wedding dresses to be shorter at the front and rear suspension and a long train. They are worn with bridal veil style bell. determined in the 1940s with the obsession of fashion, the Victorian designs full skirt is back in fashion to follow. Today, as many new models and designs were created, full-skirted Victorian era still popular with many brides. 

Mary Queen of Scots was one of the first women to wear white when she married Francis II of France. White was not the traditional color of the wedding and was considered rather bad, because it is the official color of mourning in France was at that time. It was not a subtle message. It was not until 1840 that white became popular after Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coberg. To use some white lace she was in Victoria in the possession of a white dress. After the wedding portrait was published, copied many women dress in honor of the queen. 

The tradition of white wedding continues today. Along the line, he took on the symbol of purity and virginity. The original blue is associated with purity and white dress was not meant to symbolize the innocence of the bride at all. Today, the white dress usually a reference to tradition and has very little to do with virginity and purity. 

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Indian wedding dresses are as varied as the cultures, religions and regions of which varies in this vast country. Wedding Dresses in North India are usually red, the good omen, or green to symbolize fertility represents. Wedding Dresses in South India are usually white or cream. 

The styles of wedding dresses in India have not changed much over the years. Some of the most popular models: The Sari, Choli and gaghra shalwa chameez. Most people are familiar with the sari. It is a cloth wrapped around the body and obtained by inserting into the belt with pins. The gaghra consists of a short skirt and blouse. A scarf, called dupatta is draped across the chest of the bride. The chameez shalwa is a long tunic over pants. The dupatta also accompanies this outfit but the bride can choose whether she wants it draped across his chest, neck or head. 

Indian cheap wedding dresses are delicate and complex work, composed of complex models, threading, sequences and beadwork. Brides of wealthy Indian families have their clothes made of beaten gold or pure silver. The clothes are usually made of cloth, light like satin, silk or chiffon reflects done. Brides wear a variety of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and hair jewelry on their wedding day. Tradition has it that they look as artful as possible. 

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The Chinese have a saying about marriage: "It is of course to marry when you grow up." They attach great importance to marriage and have many traditions connected. Red is a lucky color in China, which regards it seems clear that he play an important role in this important ceremony. The wedding invitations are the red envelopes gift is red and is one of the wedding dresses of the bride. 

Three dresses are worn in a traditional Chinese wedding. During the ceremony the bride a white dress with a veil. The second is the traditional Chinese wedding dress of the red dress that is worn throughout the banquet. The third is to leave just before the bride and bridegroom to the banquet set.

The traditional red dress is embroidered in a rule with many designs to son gold and silver. The drawings are the dragon and the phoenix, the union of male and female parts.

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On their wedding day a bride so much attention to have her hair in her wedding dress. elaborate headdress, and often result in serious, the bride can do nothing but bow its head and ensure their stability. In some cases, a veil is added, or there are strands of beads or to cover even a piece of cloth around his face. In ancient times, the first time that a groom would often see the face of his bride in bed commitment. 

Weddings are times of great celebration. In general, they have evolved to political maneuvering in the celebrations of love. The wedding day is known as the date of the bride, and she is entitled to all go his way, colorful flowers in the facility, in the shadow of the white shell deviate too hard white wheat to ivory white. These days, many brides to design their own clothes, or at least have an idea of ​​what they want and are equipped with a seamstress to make this vision to life do the work. Many potential husbands have little to do with the process, apart from a nod and murmur, licking envelopes for the invitations and the occasional "Yes," love is all you need to do what it is, the present day. Today, too fat to get married, rich colors, as in the Middle Ages had a whole scandal called. It was the most fun you have on your wedding, bar the bed commitment.

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