Islamic Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns

Many Muslim brides tend to wedding gowns, who choose the traditional, and white. Brides of the Asian subcontinent prefer shalwar-qameez is that scarlet, adorned with the feet and hands with henna in a difficult and beautiful patterns. 


Shalwar-qameez or qamis / Kammer is a wedding dress that is traditionally worn in southern Asia. It is in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and loved have been conducted to date. Salwar Kamm is often worn by Muslim men and women. It is popular as a wedding dress of many women in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Is this a soil as shalwar pajamas, and baggy pants, wide at the thighs and tapered at the waist and toward the ground, where it is sewn at the bottom closely. Fold adorn the waist, and are held in place by an elastic band is, or spinal, or more traditional string woven through, called "Naada" or "Naala. 

married women are shalwar baggy and wide, although the day ladies figure hugging and tight shalwar bear named "pajamas" or "Churidar Pajamas." One of the most popular versions of the design is the shalwar shalawar Patiala Shahi, popular among regions of Malwa and Patiala in Punjab, with the most striking feature of them, their waist, or Naada Naala which is woven. 

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Kameez shirt is a tunic or long term, with side seams that are open. These pages, called "Chaak" are open at the belt line for a greater freedom of movement for the wearer. A traditional kameez is cut straight and flat, with side cutter cuts and traditional, but put a more modern kameez Sport in the sleeves, which are inspired by European tastes. A traditional kameez, both women, usually look normal assembly or in bulk, but more often in modern times fashionable Muslim women on a tight-fitting kameez is made. 

Typically, a fine Kameez measurement complicated sewing techniques will be identified and beautiful. Necklines are paid special attention to how they are sewn, so it nice for the wedding. Techniques that are used to beautify a wedding can kameez are like pearls necklines, embroidered necklines, cutouts and decorative necklines simple and unadorned. 

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Wedding Dress Bridal Somali 

Other Islamic countries have also the location, especially faith-based Islamic wedding dresses, beautiful wives as Somali Guntiino want to remind Indian saris, and are colorful and full length, hat and slip worn under Garbasaar Googaro dress called. The Dirac Direh or a dress that is light, usually spent on a skirt or a shift. Gold jewelry and makeup can be worn as accessories, with hair ornaments as well. 

Other Islamic wedding dresses 

Islamic women also favor certain types of clothing for their weddings. These include modest long skirts, nice blouses or precious metal beads, a Jalabeeb or burqa, which covered the entire length of the body, as it is a long robe. Others are a simple headband Mazar, a hijab, the headscarf is a hat, and Coantino is draped over their heads because they know a large sheet, then tied at the waist. 

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