Models for wedding dress necklines

Models for wedding dress necklines

The wedding dress necklines have enough deficiones sometimes called boat neck, "and refers to a neck width, height, extending horizontally, back and forth, almost to the shoulder points, through clavícula.Otros have other deficiciones, here we show some types of cleavage:

U-shaped neckline that falls below the collarbone.

A variation of any dress with the shoulder or boat neckline, but is characterized by an extra fabric neck that widens from the neck and the frames of the upper chest, neck and face.

Queen Anne neckline - A high-fabric neck and back sides, but a cut of love under the definition of the chest, neck and face. This style is the mangEscote three beveled edges similar to the three sides of a square. The bottom edge is horizontal in the chest while the other two sides extend perpendicularly from the chest to the shoulders.

Model emphasizes the shoulders straplles

Neckline resembling the top of a heart.

V-neckline - Two diagonal lines from shoulder to meet with his chest, similar to the shape of the letter V

Two thin straps around the shoulders

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