Black wedding dresses

Black wedding dressesA black wedding dress beauty

Black creates a slimming effect and what girl would not want to look better on their wedding day. Did you know Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black wedding dress? She did when she married in 1997 to Mathew Broderick

Wearing a black wedding dress (and many other colors we present here at RHB) is a topic that will raise some controversy. The traditional color for wedding dresses in the Western world is white. However the trend is bucking and we see brides in various colors in past years.
Black wedding dresses
Black wedding dressesTwelve designers were asked to submit sketches of a wedding dress for first daughter Jenna Bush. Here they are.

Some black beauties were proposed to Jenna Bush. She ended up picking a white wedding dress. Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo married her music producer hubby, Christopher Ivery at New York’s City Hall last fall. She wore a little black dress and boots.

It was not until after the passing of Queen Victoria in 1907, the traditional color for a wedding gown was often black, not white. Only upper class could afford a white gown that they would probably never wear again. Times have certainly changed.

Looking for black wedding dresses? If you want to see all your wedding dress options, start your search extra early. They are hard to come by like any other color wedding dresses.

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