Pencil Edge Veil - 2 Layer Suitable with White Wedding Dresses

Pencil Edge Veil - 2 Layer

The Corded Veil has a thin finished edge that gives more definition to the veil. The edge is a very fine hemmed edge. Veils are 2-layer (veil and blusher) and come attached to a satin covered plain comb. Veils are made with 72" wide tulle. Veil Colors White Matches white wedding gowns. Diamond White Diamond white is just barely off white. In fact, when looking at a diamond white veil alone it looks white only when put up against a white veil can you tell the diamond white is actually just off white. Diamond white goes best with "natural" or slightly off-white gowns. Ivory Ivory veils go best with "candlelight", "off-white", or "ivory" gowns.


* 2-Layer, 25" x 30" Elbow Length
* 2-Layer, 30" x 36" Fingertip Length
* Colors: White, diamond white (just off-white) and ivory


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