Difference between Spring and Winter Wedding Invitations

Contemporary wedding etiquette allows you to create wedding invitations that reflect whatever you want about your wedding style. The formality of the event, your wedding colors, your personal style and more should all be taken into consideration. You can choose wedding invitations that are elegant, traditional, whimsical or trendy. Your wedding invitations can reflect the theme of your wedding in motifs, borders, colors and embellishments. When you are choosing wedding invitations for your big day, one thing you may not consider is the significance of the season in which your wedding will be held.

Is there actually such a thing as spring wedding invitations or winter wedding invitations? While most wedding invitation printers and online wedding sites do not necessarily differentiate their wedding invitations by seasons, there are definite differences between wedding invitation styles that are popular in the spring and those that are appropriate for a winter wedding.

If you are ordering invitations for a winter wedding, you might look for some of the following details:

Winter motifs

Motifs are small images and figures that appear at different places on your wedding invitation. Some popular winter wedding invitation motifs include falling snowflakes and snow-covered pines. If you are in a whimsical mood, you might choose a wedding invitation topped with a bride and groom snowman, or a holly leaf or sprig of mistletoe for the Christmas season.

Winter Colors

Silver and gold are always popular in winter wedding invitations. Touches of silver printing on snowflake borders are an elegant way to express a wintertime theme. Other winter colors are Christmas colors. If your wedding takes place around the winter holidays, you might choose invitations with rich, red envelope liners and touches of red printing. Deep forest green satin ribbons are another wintry touch that you can subtly add to your wintertime wedding invitations.

Holiday photos

Photo invitations give you another way to include something seasonal in your wedding invitations. Choose a beautiful, snowy forest scene as the backdrop for your wedding invitations, or a bough of pine and a red ribbon to express the season.

Seasonal Embellishments Colors are rich with symbolism and meaning. Choose flat invitations in white, then embellish with rich garnet satin ribbons and foil envelope liners, or enclose the invitation in a translucent wrap patterned with snowflakes.

If you are buying invitations for a spring wedding, you might consider some of the following elements in your wedding invitations:

Flower motifs

Delicate flower prints on corners or borders are one way to invoke a spring feeling in your wedding invitations. Sprays of bouquets and all over background prints of growing flowers are common springtime motifs for wedding invitations.

Vibrant colors

Bold, splashy prints in vibrant colors sing spring in a loud voice for a contemporary springtime wedding. Bright oranges, turquoise and persimmon are among the hottest colors for springtime weddings. Choose colors for your wedding invitations that coordinate with your wedding colors to get a completely coordinated look for your entire event.

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