Supermodel & Celebrity Campbell Pushes New Line Of Mops

Supermodel Campbell Pushes New Line Of Mops
Hot-tempered tigress Naomi Campbell will trade her couture for work gloves and safety vest when she begins community service on March 19. Found guilty of being a total bitch, but convicted of throwing a mobile phone at her housekeeper, Campbell will mop floors for the New York City Sanitation Department according to Reuters.

In recent years the supermodel, who has been on over 500 magazine covers, has been known more for her nasty temper towards the lower classes than her longer-than-necessary lifespan as a fashion model. She will serve her five-day sentence mopping floors with other community service workers at a Sanitation Department warehouse in Manhattan. She, however, will not have to bear public humiliation as she serves her time indoors. Fellow Briton Boy George attracted enormous media attention last August when he swept public streets in a similar punishment in New York for possession of cocaine. In 2001 Campbell was photographed leaving a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

The 36-year old Campbell has been accused in the past by at least three other employees of assaulting or hitting them. One assistant was injured when Campbell through a phone at her. Campbell, not one to be daunted by the ravages of fame, placed the blame on her father who abandoned her as a child instead.

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