Pop star Britney Spears’ feared sons would forget her under K-Fed’s ex’s shadow

London, April 01: Pop star Britney Spears’ month long rehab spell was hard hitting for her mainly because the singer feared her two little boys getting detached from her while she was being treated.

The ‘Toxic singer, who rehabbed at the Promises rehab clinic in Malibu, was extremely afraid that her sons would forget her.

"She was so afraid her sons would forget her,” the National Ledger quoted a source, as telling Star Magazine.

During one of the kids’ first visits to the clinic with Britney’s estranged husband Kevin Federline, Sean, Britney’s elder son, reportedly burst into tears after seeing her.

"Britney also started crying. She told Kevin ‘I am ugly and Sean hates me’, It was her worst nightmare,” the source added.

The chief reason for Britney’s anxiety, however, is the reunion between her Kevin and his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, who is apparently spending quality time with the two kids.

Recently Federline celebrated his 29th birthday with his children and Shar in Las Vegas.

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