Wedding Dresses/Gowns with Straps 
Wedding dresses with two straps

 Wedding dresses with straps create a frame for a pretty neck and minimise big shoulders. if you are heavy busted then opt for a thicker strap as thin ones can create an unsightly red mark. Show off well-toned arms and beautiful shoulders and neck by choosing spaghetti straps.  These have a young and modern look and are very attractive. Use a strapless bra with spaghetti straps so that there are no distractions. Keep angular shoulders or large arms covered up.  Spaghetti straps also emphasize the neck, so be sure it looks good if you choose them.  You can also use a necklace effectively compliment the straps. Those who have plump arms. Because spaghetti straps expose your arm and shoulder.

 Wedding dresses with one small straps

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