Blue Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall and Winter Weddings

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses 2011
When planning a fall or winter wedding, it may seem like all of the suggestions are for purple or red dresses, but those are far from the only options. Blue is one of the most flattering and versatile colors for bridesmaid dresses, and it is always in style. These are some ideas for blue bridesmaid dresses for fall and winter weddings.

In the autumn months, rich and deep colors are usually the order of the day. For bridesmaid dresses, a color like cobalt blue would be gorgeous. It is deep, yet vibrant, and would work equally well for a daytime or evening wedding. Cobalt is a popular color this year, and it is especially easy to picture it as the color choice for a September wedding. It bridges the gap between summer and fall beautifully. A long cobalt dress would be gorgeous with a black sash and crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets for a formal wedding, especially in an elegant one shoulder style.
Blue Bridesmaid Dresses 2011
Navy is another excellent shade of blue for fall and winter. A classic color that is timeless and sophisticated, it looks especially stunning in tailored silhouettes. Try a navy strapless faille bridesmaid dress for an afternoon wedding, or a long navy satin V-neck gown for a formal evening ceremony. Sets of pearl bridesmaid jewelry are a natural choice with classic navy dresses. As for flowers, mixed bouquets in shades of purple are particularly attractive against navy. Use a combination of plum, fuchsia, and lavender blossoms in loosely arranged bouquets tied with navy velvet ribbon. Another idea is to have play up the crispness of navy with bouquets comprised of all white flowers, surrounded by a cuff of bright green leaves.

For brides planning a fall wedding who are not crazy about dark colors, consider a medium blue dress with a chocolate brown sash. Picture the way that brown leaves look against a brilliant blue autumn sky to envision this winning color combination. The chocolate color brings in enough of a fall flavor to keep the dresses feeling seasonal. Bring the brown color into the bridesmaid bouquets by incorporating flowers such as chocolate cosmos or mini sunflowers. Natural accents like dried seed pods or berries will make the bouquets feel even more autumnal, and make a nice contrast with the medium blue of the dresses.
Blue Bridesmaid Dresses 2011
In the winter months, it often seems like all the bridesmaid dresses are red, red, and red. However, another fabulous winter wedding color scheme is an icy "Winter Wonderland" theme, with which ice blue bridesmaid dresses would be fantastic. The key to making such a pale color really work with the season is to use it in a distinctly wintery fabric like a heavy satin (a lightweight material like chiffon would make the dresses feel out of place). Then add more wintery accents, such as crystal snowflake pendants and perhaps even white fur wraps for the ceremony, tied with lustrous satin ribbons. Make the bouquets very wintery as well, with accents like tiny silver ornaments or silver painted pinecones mixed in among white roses.

Blue is not only a very appropriate color for a fall or winter wedding, it is very beautiful as well. They are particularly nice when the bride does not want to go with one of the more standard seasonal colors. Timeless and elegant, and always in style, blue bridesmaid dresses would make a wonderful addition to any cold weather wedding.  Laura Firenze 
Blue Bridesmaid Dresses 2011

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