Short Informal Wedding Dresses

One of the biggest bridal fashion faux pas is that brides go overboard for decking themselves out for their special occasion! If your goal is to be the most stunning and lovely creature that your groom has ever beheld, then you will certainly wish to keep your bridal gown and accessories informal and simple, drawing the focus onto yourself, and not your bridal outfit.

There are so many awesome and impressive informal wedding gowns from which you can choose, for your understated and elegant entry into your wedding ceremony.

If you wish to get married in a National Park or a lovely city park location, then you should keep the length of your informal wedding gown short, and certainly not any longer than just above ankle length. You should definitely forgo a wedding dress train when doing an outdoor wedding ceremony, as the fabric of the train can become soiled or ripped.

If you have decided upon a waterfront or beach bridal ceremony, then you may wish to leave off long sleeves from your dress, and instead choose short sleeves or beaded straps.

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