Vintage Wedding Dresses

vintage wedding dresses

Vintage Bridal Jewellery - A Bride's Guide
By Kerry Brearley

There is a huge current trend for vintage bridal jewellery or vintage inspired bridal jewellery. Brides are looking for unique and one-off pieces to accompany their wedding gown. They are also delving deep into grandma's jewellery box to seek out an antique treasure to use as their "something old" or "something borrowed".

Alternatively there are an abundance of fabulous genuine vintage items for sale at invintage wedding dresses ternet bridal boutiques ranging from stunning geometric art deco designs to glamorous 1950's diamante pieces. You can't beat 1950s diamante.

Today's diamante pieces just do not compare with the quality, design and workmanship put into vintage diamante necklaces, brooches and the like of yesteryear. You can usually judge the quality of a vintage jewellery item by it's weight. Genuine vintage pieces can be pricey but if they are looked after, they will never lose their value over time and can be passed down generation after generation. Vintage wedding jewellery designs work best with antique lace or simple chiffon gowns. A beautiful elaborate diamante brooch can look stunning placed on a ribbon waist sash or to secure a faux fur stole for your winter wedding theme.

Pearls are also a popular and favourite choice for vintage wedding jewellery. Women of all ages love pearls. They nevevintage wedding dresses r date and always looks elegant, classy and timeless. If your wedding gown is adorned with tiny pearls then it is a must to carry on this theme with your jewellery. Bridal jewellery designers are always on the lookout for magnificent vintage jewels to transform into statement bridal tiaras, bridal combs and bridal headbands. For instance a beautiful diamante vintage brooch can be customised into creating a unique headband by adding modern gems and pearls to form an exclusive piece for you on your wedding day!

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