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Increasingly, brides are turning to colored wedding dresses
on their special day. After all, it is not just Queen Victoria's prerogative to go against the wedding tradition of her day when she walked down the aisle in a white gown, at a time when brides wore color on their special day!

Fortunately for pink-loving brides-to-be, the various shades of pink are the new white in the wedding industry. It helps to have these practical tips when choosing from among many pink wedding dresses
just so you can be stylish on your wedding day.

Expand your Pink Horizons

Often, we think of pink as Barbie's color. And when images of Barbie and Teresa in fuchsia pink wedding dresses being married to their equally plastic boyfriends come to mind, you might just cringe at the thought. After all, pink is more commonly associated with cute flower girls and clueless bridesmaids, not the brides themselves!

However, you must realize that pink, like all other combination colors, have many shades and hues to it. You can choose from among them depending on your personal preferences, of course.

Attractive shades of pink include shocking, pink, dark pink and bright pink, all of which can make your dress stand out most becomingly. You can also choose middle shades like carnation pink and cherry blossom pink when you want to tone it down a little. For the lightest shade of pink, go for baby pink and pale pink.

Keep in mind, however, that these are just some of the pink shades to choose from. Other exotic hues include rose pink, shell pink, pearl pink, champagne pink, iridescent pink, blush pink, fuchsia pink and even mauve and magenta.

Always remember to ask for samples of the cloth as you want to be sure that's exactly the pink you are looking for in your final list of pink wedding dresses. And don't let the opinions of others saying that the palest of pinks are the most bride-like of them all. Just so long as you don't appear snotty or trashy, you should be fine.

Complement Your Pink

When you have chosen the right pink wedding dresses (yes, this is assuming you will fall in love with pink that you will have two dresses in the ultra-feminine color), it's time to move on to color complementation. You want your pink dress to be echoed in the wedding entourage's attire and in the wedding motif.

Fortunately, you can match pink quite easily with other colors. After all, it is a combination of white with other colors (think red, rose, magenta and orange) that should make color coordinating an easy task. With that being said, you can complement pink with colors like ivory, champagne, silver, white and black, lavender, chocolate, turquoise, sage green, and even some yellow shades.

Truly, when you walk down the aisle towards your loved one and waltz with him in your pink wedding dresses, you are fulfilling the dreams of countless little girls playing with their Barbie dolls. Come to think of it, you were once a little girl, too, and you are just fulfilling your dreams!

by:Sarrah Beaumont

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