Choosing a Prom Dress to Flatter your Body

Which features about your body do you truly love and want to make sure others notice? And what parts of you should be hidden under a barrel? There isn't a girl out there, no matter how famous, who doesn't have these same feelings about her body. The great thing about prom is that there are fabulous dresses available to accentuate your positives and hide your negatives.

Maybe you've seen not-so-flattering paparazzi shots of celebrities which display imperfect body features. Not even stars are as perfect as they appear on camera, especially when you see them dressed out in their designer gowns. This article will explore ways which you can bring out your best points while minimizing those you don't like as well, just like one of the stars.

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who's blessed with all the sexy curves that earned Marilyn Monroe her reputation. If so, you'll want a dress with a full skirt and a boned corset. By using a corset, you'll be able to show off your full hips and bust and while the skirt will hide any extra fullness you may have in your legs or thighs. If you feel your strong point is your tiny waist, you need to choose a dress with a sash or tie to cinch in the waistline. By having special details near your slim waist, such as a sparkly belt or other decoration, people will automatically look at your waist and not pay as much attention to other features you'd rather they would ignore.

If you've spent hours toning your legs and now have hard, sexy calf muscles, choose a knee-length dress with a full skirt. This cute, flirty style is hot right now, and it will show off your calves to their best advantage. One of the most flattering dresses any woman can wear is one that is cut to hang just to the knee. Maybe you've been on the swim team and have developed fantastic back muscles. You'll want to show them off by wearing a backless dress. This choice of dress style will highlight your solid back muscles while surrounding them with sheer femininity, and there won't be a guy in the place who'll be able to keep his eyes off of you. You will also need a bra that is both strapless and backless to provide you with flattering frontal support.
Girls who have spent years playing softball or volleyball will have very toned shoulders and arms. If this description fits you, choose a gown that is strapless and has a heart-shaped bodice to draw attention to these shapely parts of your body. In addition, you should plan on wearing your hair up so that it doesn't hide the things you are trying to display.

Nothing attracts the attention of the guys as well as a sexy bust does. By wearing a dress with a low neckline that will show a bit of cleavage and which also has wide shoulder straps to hide that necessary bra, you'll be a sensation. You can add a brooch or other accessory to the point of the neckline that's between your breasts which will accentuate your best feature even more. If you want to flaunt a flat stomach and well-muscled abs, you need to find a dress made in a soft, pastel shade with semi-sheer panels at the waist. The panels will allow for a seductive hint of skin to show through, and the light color will give you a flirty, feminine look.

Maybe you have long, super-sexy legs and are anxious for a chance to display them. Buying a dress with an asymmetrical hem will give your legs an innocent allure that will be hard to ignore. By choosing the asymmetrical lines, you'll look more elegant than if you wore a miniskirt, and the hemline is guaranteed to flatter your shapely, fantastic legs. It's okay if you feel that your best feature is your butt. A fabulous butt is a great feature to have. Try wearing a dress that has ruffles or other decorations in the back which will help draw attention to your butt. You'll find that ruffles will make your butt look even sexier than a skin-tight skirt ever could. There's bound to be one of the styles discussed in this article that will flatter your best features and keep your date from looking at any other girl in the room. Pick out the feature you want to flatter, and do it with a flare.

by Christopher W. Smith

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