Cheapest Wedding

Recently I had the pleasure of helping a friend organise her sister's wedding. It didn't just have to be cheap it had to be the cheapest wedding ever, they had both just finished university and like most students they were pretty broke.

The date was set and to keep costs down the local registery office was the venue, not the prettiest of places, it was definately built for function rather than looks. Luckily the public park was close and we helped find some great places for the photographs.

The bride to be had some fantastic and unusual ideas for her cheap wedding dress but on one of the many shopping trips fell in love with a beautiful cream summer dress, perfect for the wedding day. Shoes were borrowed from the big sister - very important to have sister's or friends with the same size feet!

Flowers were kept very simple with button holes for the groom and best man and a corsage for the bride.

The venue for the wedding reception was at the big sister's garden - not massive but with standing room only 65 people were fitted in - very good job everyone knew each other!

The wedding breakfast was a buffet, all sourced from the local supermarket, and we made a stunning display with fruit as the centerpiece.

The total cost for the wedding was only a few hundred, but the day was beautiful and simple and all about the happy couple.

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