How to Attach the Ribbon Wedding Car Decorations

Car decorations is a traditional way to mark the car newlywed couple. Members of the wedding party or other close friends usually decorate the wedding cars with colorful ribbons that then shaped like a flower. Attach ribbons to the car only takes a few minutes.

Many people say that a marriage is synonymous with ping and white colors. this is because the color is usually a lot of people mention the color of love. Therefore, the decorations in the wedding car should use the color pink and white. You can put a ribbon in a bow on the hood and bumper using adhesive pads from the kit car ribbon wedding. These bearings are specially designed for the temporary adhesive bond to the hood of your car without causing damage.

To below the ribbon and set each pad in place. Sweep your hand over the tape and gently press down to tie the ribbon to the pad. Continue along the hood and front bumper bottom, add enough cushion to secure the bow.

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