Teach you choose the right wedding veil

Sailing style is usually divided into basic models, and Mary-style veil. Based on the different styles are typically used in lace and pearls, diamonds to decorate. We show you how to use the basic models with a veil and a wedding with the bride with a very different temperament.

The veil in front of the pole, you have designed a wedding without a shoulder. In order to take the veil from her head, that the veil hanging cheeks lightly covered, beautiful feeling of sudden and devastating. If there are hints of flowers on the top of the head, would come to more young and energetic, charming feel to send.

However, it is worth mentioning that this approach could wear the veil covers the shoulders, and therefore not suitable for a special ten-shoulder view of marriage, otherwise people will think about evolution and tends to be bulky. Also, when the veil that not too many wrinkles to consider. Increased also, and bear a remarkable position in the head before him, will the people think it's too heavy, bulky.

We usually remember the location ponytail, tie it? In addition, the hair on your head in a ponytail on the top of the root, which is due in large part to bring the rule golden veil. The wearing of wedding locations and sections of the echo will have a good degree, be a so-called "universal bit."

Forward, only the height of the sail back into the head, the hair stands proudly on the first line and should be, so that the veil to meet the bride not to just cover. The location of this the best way to wear the head tilted slightly back carry, it is more vibrant and dynamic.

Noble and elegant way to carry, but should also pay attention to the length of the veil
Under this approach, the bride will look worn noble, elegant, feminine, very adapted to attend the ceremony. Older bride, he may want to give up the crown of the proposed class cute wedding hair accessories, selection of beads and other accessories that add texture. As part of the veil worn on the back of the head, making the bride visual "height", this method is very suitable for the bride carries a high level with the married, or higher than the groom. Wear the veil should be below the eyebrow. Can, if you try to check the length of the wedding veil, choose a vague suggestion to cover the length of the breast.
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