White Wedding Cakes 2011

These are some design ideas for the perfect white cake to suit any wedding. White does not have to mean boring or plain. In fact, there are many ways to make a white wedding cake special and unique. The place to begin is by deciding on the general style of cake you wish to feature, modern, traditional, or eclectic. From there, the next consideration is the shape of the confection, and the arrangement of the tiers. round layers tend to look more modern and sleek.

For a sleek contemporary white cake, stack round tiers, either three or five layers high (always work in odd numbers). Cover with a perfectly smooth fondant icing. With this base in place, you can begin to play with different decorating options. A five tier cake could be decorated with white on white vertical stripes to enhance its height and linear form. Think of a 1930s streamline deco moderne skyscraper for inspiration. Top it with a crystal monogram initial for a touch of cool glamor.

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