Informal Wedding Cake Plus Unique Design

Try to explain or share properly your creative ideas before ordering the wedding cake. After all it’s matter of personal satisfaction especially on your wedding day. Sometimes if you are running short of time then you can also hire a caterer. You should be clear to baker if you want to convey any message on your unique wedding cake.

Unique wedding cake toppers are fun to see on top of your confection treat during the wedding reception. The use of wedding cake toppers has been present even years back. Traditionally, figurines of the bride and groom are placed atop the cake. But as of today, many unique ideas have been thought resulting to varied decorative pieces used as cake toppers. This will make your wedding cake not only a sweet treat for your guests but a unique centerpiece as well.

Some people might think that a wedding cake is always identical with the same design for some period of last. But for those of you who have different and unique way of thinking, you can try some wedding cake design model below. Unusual shape makes people wonder and chuckle in awe. The theme is provided for some wedding cake is also pretty cool. Ranging from an intimate couple of hedgehogs on the bridge, to model wedding cake boxes.

Aside from making your cake looks decorative, cake toppers hold a significant meaning to the occasion. Putting a wedding cake topper represents tradition especially when using bride and groom figurines. It becomes a symbolism of love, respect and abundance for the life that they will be spending together. Use a cake topper that will best represent the theme of your wedding by using particular color, symbol and other decorations to coordinate with your motif.


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