Disney's Princess

The ninth princess taken only by the Disney princesses, Princess Tiana from the new film The Princess and the Frog.

The film is an adaptation of The Frog Princess, loosely based on the Grimm fairy tale, the brother "The Frog Prince." Princess Tiana starts as just an ordinary girl working in a day, even his own restaurant. While at a costume party dressed as a princess, she is mistaken for one of the Frog Prince. So the story adventure begins!

This film costumes ideal for children to dress up in. Although many of the Disney princesses dressed in pink and blue, Princess Tiana looks more like Tinkerbelle in a pale green earth. It's a whole new color to the princess dresses!

Although Princess Tiana spent most of the film as a frog, she wears a blue dress to the ball (think Cinderella). At the end of the film when Tiana was a real princess, she is wearing a light green strapless dress with a poofy skirt full. Tiana While the dress is a long skirt, it is important to note that the costumes for children who are no longer the model of the new Disney princess are usually knee.

Princess Tiana adds more diversity, Disney princesses, because it is the first African American princess. Mulan and Pocahontas, they will join as an ethnic group Disney princess. There was a lot of mixed feelings about ethnicity was Tiana, but overall, it was welcomed with open arms and a new hit movie. It is interesting to see morph for Disney, to accept and celebrate other cultures, as he continues on the old fairy tale, based on the movies you. What is special about the Disney Princesses as role models for girls because of their virtues and beliefs, usually because of how the story is based on that. If you want your daughter to the new Disney princess and the things it represents, be sure to dress for a dress for your girls! After all, what better way to emulate the positive behaviors of your daughter, she meets the screen, than having them live at home?

Princess dress Princess Tiana was flying off the shelves. Her dress interweaves aspects of nature, like the pale colors and a flower, and it gives a royal touch. Their high tiara and long gloves, arm's length to the garment a success. These accessories are required to play dress up! You can find long gloves every clothing store, and that Princess Tiana Tiara is green, all the work is high tiara.

So take your daughter to the fun, affectionate look at his new film "The Princess and the Frog". Princess Tiana is pleasant and refreshing attitude young children are all animals that play a role in the film Love. Little girls will love playing dress up clothes to do in this film! Action on the film get the children to jump on the floor like frogs, sing, dance, and whirled like princesses in their princess wedding  dresses!
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The film outlines entertaining evening and an exciting new element as the new princess of the Disney Princess collection will be added. It was more than a few years since Disney created a new princess, so it's exciting that your daughter is a part of this monumental occasion! Princess Tiana will hopefully continue to be accepted universally, so that we can see them around for a while!

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