Tips For Choosing Great Flower Girl Dresses

If you are planning a wedding, you can try, just buy a pretty white dress for your flower girl to be, and they carry a bouquet for you. Finally, it's just a kid, right? And when she looks adorable, the guests will be pleasantly surprised.

Well, it's a bit more than that. Let's first take a brief look at the traditional flower.

Starting with the Middle Ages, the flower girls were assigned a specific task to walk the course before the wedding the bridal couple and grain split (no flowers) to pave the way for new beginnings, fertility and happiness in marriage.

Flower girls usually wear today rose petals, and then they were not granted special powers, granting the new couple will have a harmonious relationship, they tend to set the tone for a wedding .

Think about the last wedding you attended. If the flower girl came in the dark formal clothes, you will quickly understand that the marriage would have a formal tone. On the other hand, if laced with ethereal girl dresses with roses in her hair, did you know that you will experience a wedding more fanciful.

In other words, the flower girl is usually the first part of the wedding party on foot on the island, and for this reason, they will make a first impression on your guests.

How will you dress your flower girl?

Here are some ideas for girl Wedding dress on the most popular themes around:

Cinderella wedding theme

If you are planning a wedding theme of Cinderella and the extravagance and beauty should be a part of everything. And since your flower girl will be the first to appear, they must set the tone bold. Have on this subject, you should have more than one flower girl, three or four would be ideal, and then dress them up dramatically. Select frilly white cheap wedding dresses with huge skirts and satin bows. You can in some of your wedding colors by adding a new light pink, yellow or blue flowers, hair tie. They should also wear satin ballerinas. Do they carry baskets decorated to meet their clothes and throw tons of fresh rose petals on the island.

Beach Theme Wedding

Depending on the wedding on the beach you want, you have several options with the clothes of your daughters. If you want a romantic wedding on the beach, then you put your flower girl with delicate pastel shades or white, and the many fresh flowers, both in her hair and throwing them away. Wedding dresses flower girl can be shorter than in a formal wedding, and set the appropriate tone sandals enjoyable. Instead of having a cart, carrying a bucket of beach pastel filled to the brim with wild flowers to scatter across the island.

If you are stronger, more colorful beach wedding planned, why not have fun with the flower girl dresses? It would fit in clothing typical range to match your wedding decor immediately left the wedding guests know that your wedding is fun and adventurous.

Roaring 20 wedding

Imagine a wedding in black and white wingtip shoes and ostrich feathers. It's the idea behind a wedding theme Roaring 20, and as you can imagine, a precious frilly dress flower girl is not simply the right thing. With this kind of marriage gutsy, you need imagination with them. Why not dress your flower girls in white satin flapper girl with bandages around her hair and beads around the hem? With this type of dress you're sure to hear, and ooh PAPA from the crowd!

Wedding Garden Party

If you dream of an outdoor wedding with flowers flowers and ivy-laced arches, then dress your flower girl should be surrounded in a completely different style to take. Shades of white, off white or pastel linen would be an ideal choice. In addition, a beautiful dress in soft cotton with a muted floral pattern is beautiful, tied with a satin bow at the back sound great. Add lace satin sandals and an armful of colorful tulips, and your guests will probably not forget your flower girl for a while.

As you can see, your flower girl dresses, the ambience of your event. Not only will you dress your flower girls in traditional costume, but creative. What is the first thing you want to see your score?
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