Plus Size Wedding Dresses - Plus Size Casual Wedding Dresses

Full-figure women all over the country spend time looking for a plus size wedding dress or plus size wedding gown. Plus size wedding dresses are not just a big, straight, white bag; actually, they are stocked in all kinds of styles. Try on different styles that appeal to you in your quest to find one having the right fit that will complement your curves.

Not everyone wants a formal wedding. So, if you are a full-figured bride who plans on a more casual event, one of the first tasks on your "to do" list will be shopping for a plus size informal wedding dress. Exactly what form that dress takes will have a lot to do with the exact location and theme of your wedding. In fact, some brides may not end up in dresses at all. If you are planning to skydive while taking your vows, for example, a dress might not be the best option. On the other hand, a beach or back yard wedding is perfectly suited to a casual gown.

You'll find that fitted bodices with a slightly dropped waist, Basque waist or v-waist work well for you. Anything that gives the illusion of a waist, without a horizontal line defining your actual waist, will work well for you. Fit is one of the areas of plus size wedding dresses that requires the most attention. If the fit is right, almost any design can be adapted to the fuller figure.

Why an Informal Wedding?

The best answer to that question is: Why not? Large, formal weddings are expensive, and take a long time to plan and execute effectively (most people work on them for a year or more). A relaxed wedding takes the stress levels for your special day down several notches. Additionally casual weddings are a fantastic option for the "second time around" couple, for people who decide to get married spontaneously, and for smaller gatherings.

Bridal gowns can range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Take some time to think about your selection. Bridal lingerie can help to shape and define your gown. Bridal fashion is not as strict as it was a few decades ago. You are not restricted to a traditional princess-like wedding dress style.

Informal Wedding Dress Benefits:

In thinking about your plus size wedding dress, you will be pleased to know that this dress need not be a one-occasion deal. Most full figured casual wedding dresses are made so they could be worn to other similar events without screaming "wedding dress." There are truly a lot of options from which to choose, including non-traditional colors and shorter lengths.

Start your research through online shopping. Browse the many different plus size designers and brands. Then invade the many magazines available that display wedding dresses. Start your quest early. It is recommended that you buy the wedding dress 6 months before the wedding day.

Additionally informal wedding dresses come "ready to wear" - meaning you will not have to wait 10 weeks for a bridal shop to get your order into the shop.

Where to Shop:

A bride on a budget will be very happy because she can find a full-sized casual wedding dress in stores OTHER than expensive bridal shops. Your favorite local department store is one place to check, but do not forget about consignment stores or antique shops. A few decades ago women were NOT all size two! Vintage pieces have a romantic, nostalgic appeal, and can offer you a distinctive look for your wedding day. There is also a fabulous selection available online.

Choosing your wedding dress should be an enjoyable experience and that's what a big and beautiful bride wants! Every bride-to-be should receive personal attention when shopping for plus size wedding dresses.

Ask around, and visit several stores before making any decision. However, be aware that nowadays there's also a wide and beautiful range of wedding dresses that can be purchased online.

You can shop online but be aware that so doing increases the chances that you may have to either exchange the dress or have it altered to fit since you cannot try it on in person. Note, however, that this type of inconvenience may be highly offset by a good price tag. Take your measurements before ordering a dress online. That will eliminate some potential mishaps.

Finishing Touches:

Once you have found a dress that accents your curves in all the right ways and is practical for your wedding day activities, the next step is rounding out your ensemble. Most casual brides do not wear veils, but flowers are another matter. A daisy or snippet of baby's breath is visually appealing without being "over the top." Additionally consider some simple but classic jewelry - be it a bracelet, necklace or other rings besides your engagement ring.

Shopping online for a plus size wedding dress could be your best bet. Styles include long or short sleeves, solid sleeves, or lovely strapless gowns designed to show off a full figure and bare shoulders.


A plus size informal wedding dress should not prove too difficult to find at a price you can afford. What is most important is that you like the way you look and feel when wearing this dress (it is going to be a long day, even at a casual event). Give yourself a little time to shop around so that you find a style that is in keeping with your wedding, and a dress that you can wear again if you so choose.

Normally, there will be two fittings scheduled to make sure that the dress is going to fit in all the right places for your wedding day. If you must order it, normal shipping usually takes no more than a few days but allow for the occasionally longer delay.. If your wedding or event is within a few months, it is suggested that you choose one or two alternate styles just in case the original style will not be ready in time.

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